Thursday, 29 November 2012

42 - Location

"Each story should say the person's location on it." I said ages ago when first discussing the app with Filippo.

"The location of the author or the location of where the story was made?" He replied.

"What do you mean?"

"Because if you go on holiday to Africa but create the story when you get home in London then it'll say London, not Africa."

"Huh. Good point."

Like, you say something you think is really simple, 'hey Filippo, yeah, just stick the location on there yeah? Quick job yeah?' but then it opens up a whole bunch of new questions you didn't think about. Which is weird when this is all you think about.

So, today, Filippo implemented a thing where it takes the location from where the cover photo was taken. Because the cover photo is the one most likely to be most relevant to your story. You know, makes sense.

But what if there is no photo? Huh. No worries. Filippo decided to do a mix. So Story will look at the location of your photo and, if there is no photo, it'll grab your current location and use that.

Paul says he loves using Filippo for this reason, "Like, he is making a hybrid solution to determine the location of a story. Pretty cool." It really is nice knowing this guy has got our back.

Okay, enough bigging up Filippo.

Great guy though.