Tuesday, 13 November 2012

36 - Boom


Paul was in a meeting today and pushing out code from his phone on the sly. Filippo said he was proud of him. I swear it's like the fucking Social Network right now. Paul had tied a couple of ends together. So I launch Story on my phone and take some pictures, write a couple of sentences, give it a title and press the 'Publish' button, it publishes and appears in the feed with its own icon.

(Okay, so I had to quit the app and relaunch to get it to appear but it was there!) And then I tapped on it and viewed it.

Paul's already put a few up. Check this one out. It looks fucking gorgeous. This is all live stuff. No more mock ups.

That's an out of date icon overlay too. There's a newer design that looks even better. And the title isn't on the icon yet, that needs to happen. But you know, getting there getting there!