Thursday, 15 November 2012

37 - Shout outs

Story will be like when you give a kid crayons and a pad of paper and they draw all over the walls. I can't wait to see what people create. What my friends create.

I know this guy, Jamie, he writes a blog. Real good writer. Funny. Story will let people follow him and every time he publishes something new it'll pop to the top of their feeds. Like, right now I have go to his website and check if he's updated it. In Story it'll just be there waiting for me. I say that but the guy hasn't even got an iPhone so that's not gonna happen.

Whatever, I know this guy Josh, a journalist. So, you know, you'd expect him to be good at writing, but his emails, you could even publish them. Insightful, intelligent, fucking funny. I'm bored of forwarding them to my mates. They'd make perfect stories.

I know this girl Laura, who works for a charity, the MS Trust. She wants to use Story to show what her charity does.

My friend Fran wants to make a fashion/cooking fanzine. My girlfriend's mum wants to write about the 50+ dating scene. My mate Leon wants to document his involvement with the John Peel Archive.  Some guy called Gary wants to put up a portfolio of his photography. Jamie, another Jamie, actually the Jamie, the guy who's invested in Story, wants to have a list he can update of all his favourite restaurants across the world.

I wanna create stories with my girlfriend to send to her family back in America. Make funny photo stories for her little niece and nephew. Draw cartoons for them to follow. Document our nights in with photos of our cooking and transcripts of our arguments because her mum loves knowing that stuff.

I can't wait, and that's just my friends. I can't wait to see what everyone else in the world draws all over the walls.