Monday, 3 December 2012

43 - One more thing...

Filippo's gonna kill me. 

But I can't let this go. 'No more changes' he'd said. That was a week ago. But this change is so good it needs to go in.

I text Paul a photo of the design change. "Nice." He replies. Nice spurs me on.

I'm trying to think how to word the email to Filippo.

"Hi Filippo, loving what you're doing. Mate, could I ask you for one last, last favour?! I feel bad even asking but-"

Nah too eager, too weak. He'll spot me a mile off. What combination of words will lead Filippo to make this change? I text Paul asking how to word it. He doesn't reply.

Maybe I should go in hard like, "Filippo. Need a change executed soon as. Top of the list. Let me know when you have it done."

He'll destroy me.

I've designed new buttons for Story's main screens. They have icons on instead of text. They make the thing look gorgeously minimal and, due to the buttons being bigger, it's more functional too.

I'm sure it's not that much work. I mean, I don't know coding but I'm sure it isn't more than 20 minutes work. 30 tops. That's what I picture in my head. Probably exactly how it is. No worries. I'll just say that.


Oh god. Kill me now. I'm a... client.