Thursday, 22 November 2012

39 - Niiice

"New update feels niiice"

I get the text from Paul while on my way home from work. Filippo is updating the app most nights now. As I wait at the traffic lights I check my emails and see the one from him. It has a big green install button. I press it and it automatically installs the latest version of Story and I nearly get hit by a car as I cross the road.

It is feeling nice. Filippo's updated the story icons to the latest design and they're looking cool. I view a story and images have a new spinny load thing before fading in real smooth. There's a bunch of other little things he's done too that are making the thing feel like a real app. I enter my flat and show it to my girlfriend, she can't tell the difference any more but nods and smiles and says well done.

One of my test stories is a bunch of photos of meals I've cooked. As I scroll down watching them fade in, reading my captions, it feels niiice. It feels good swiping down a load of photos instead of, say, clicking through on facebook one at a time. It's way less work and makes all the photos feel more coherent. Like they're all part of the same story. Which they are.

We're meeting Filippo tonight to discuss the rest of the development. Haven't seen the guy for ages. There are a couple of things we want in the app that we haven't actually agreed on with Filippo. Well, three things. Three things we'd like. One from Paul and two from me. Fingers crossed eh!

Happy Thanksgiving Ashton Kutcher.