Tuesday, 20 November 2012

38 - Tuesday mornings

I'm worrying today. Don't know why.

One of the things I'm worrying about are the tiny compromises me and Paul are making. They're the tiniest little things, one on its own is nothing. But I worry that all the little things will add up to a massive thing.

Nah it'll be fine. I'm just worrying. I'll be fine tomorrow. It's a Tuesday morning. Tuesday mornings are always a bad day. An alcohol come-down from the weekend.

Another of the things I'm worrying about is that we're too small to make a dent. A few guys from London going up against a whole city in California and the rest of the world. They spend millions working out the next big thing; we scrambled together 15k and it broke us. They work full time; we squeeze it in on the Tube or when our boss isn't looking. They have Ashton Kutcher; we've got:

(Me, Paul and Filippo)

So I worry.

I worry that they'll take a look at the thing we've built. The real minimum viable product and rip it off in a week with something looking all polished with all the tiny little animations we can't afford to put in right now and with a load of massive features that people will expect.

But I only worry on Tuesday mornings. Now it's lunchtime and I have things to design for Filippo and my boss is out.