Tuesday, 6 November 2012

34 - Leaving things out

"I like it but it is massively out of scope and we might not be able to work it in. I do like it but it seems like a throw in thing that adds no value at this point."

I'd thought of a little thing we could work into the first version of Story. I kinda liked it, what I'd thought of. It wasn't anything special. It was just a fancy touch. And Paul called it out for that, it really doesn't add any value to our product right now.

I like that we're leaving out everything that isn't 100% required. It will be so simple. If Story gets popular I'm sure we'll be adding features to stay ahead of the inevitable competition. We'll add little touches that make people smile. But no matter where it leads the core idea and concept of Story will be nailed in the first version. I wonder if it'll always be my favourite version for that exact reason.

Right now, Story should be working but Paul said he deleted something from a database meaning, right now, it crashes on launch every time. But this week, to quote Paul again, "this week will be a good week for Story." He said that.


Paul: ok. When do you think the next release is likely to be?
Filippo: ... in 2/3 days
Paul: k
Filippo: I hope 2
Paul: will be a big release :)
Filippo: :D the main app functionalities will be there