Friday, 9 November 2012

35 - The bad guy

I have a great story. But I can't write about it. I'm gonna write out a movie script that shares a similar plot line... to avoid any legal complications...


Two Guys strike upon an idea that will change the world forever. World peace and everything. Limitless in its potential. But they can't do it alone. They need the help of a technical genius to build the thing for them. The greatest Engineer. And luckily they know just the guy.

The three of them set upon an adventure and, together, begin building this amazing thing. Everything is going to plan when...


The Engineer receives a threat. A threat that will result in him being taken. The Bad Guy wants to steal the Engineer to work on his own evil plans. But the engineer doesn't want to. The Two Guys rush to save the Engineer but the Bad Guy intercepts and chains them up. There's nothing they can do, only watch on.

"I want to go back in the past and kill his grandfather or something like that." Says the Engineer. This is impossible because time travel is impossible.

But the Engineer doesn't give up and he and the Bad Guy go to battle. The other Two Guys watch on, sad and worried and helpless. As night falls, the battle rages. The Engineer is weary but his passion fights on. They both disappear into the darkness and things look bleak and hope is but a flicker. Is this the end for the incredible world changing idea? It sure looks like it.



The darkness of the night bleeds red. Eventually, as the sun hauls itself upwards, slowly, heavily, the red brightens to yellow and, after some time, to a clear blue. The stillness erupts with the sound of birds singing. A deer prances past, stops, looks at us, looks down and eats some grass, then hops off. 

A figure appears on the horizon. The Two Guys, still shackled, raise their heads. Is it? Could it be? It's the Engineer! He is running. He is smiling. He carries the head of the Bad Guy.

"I fucking killed him!" He exclaims.
"I'm back! I'm back at work completely! And it looks amazing!"
"It's so amazing I want to cry!"

The Engineer and the Two Guys rejoice.