Sunday, 2 September 2012

10 - The kick-off meeting

Me and Paul meet Filippo at his office after work. We talk through everything so he can begin the next day. Begin working on Story. The next day. Real, official, proper, real work!

Wow, wow, wow.

Paul's taking care of the back-end web stuff (all the online storage of people's stories and how it all interacts with the app). Filippo's doing the actual app bit and I'm doing the graphics. Paul and Filippo spend most of the meeting talking about tech stuff. Usually in a meeting this technical I'd be bored off my rocker. But not our meeting. Not for our thing.

The biggest discussion (argument) we have is about logging into the app. Me and Paul originally assumed we'd have a simple 'create account' thing but Filippo said it's not as easy as that as you need a lawyer to write up terms and conditions as you're dealing with people's private information. He said that using facebook to log in is way simpler and won't cost us anything.

Firstly, I hate apps that use facebook. It dilutes the experience you're trying to create for the user and every app I've seen that uses facebook whores itself on your wall as much as it can, spreading like a disease across your social network.

Secondly, it means we have to use this button in our beautiful app:

So I'm kicking off about how I don't want it and Paul kinda agrees but is also saying 'normal' people don't care about facebook buttons and Filippo chimes in saying that people actually trust them. Paul says not everyone is mental like me and how it will save a bunch of trouble and that, if we get a second round of funding (big money), we can create our own log in then.

So I pipe down.

After the meeting we go for a few drinks in a nearby pub. Filippo explains he's about to embark on an insane three month fitness regime called the P90X where he'll change his diet and train everyday to get ripped. I like that he's going to be super fit while building our app.

Here's Paul (l) and Filippo (r) in the meeting.