Monday, 3 September 2012

11 - Naming the company

Paul's wife, who also works for a law firm, raised her eyebrows in a good way when Paul said which firm Lawyer Chris works for. Paul liked that, that it impressed his wife.

Lawyer Chris is setting up our company and writing up a contract that splits its equity three ways. Jamie, the money guy, put us in touch with him. The guy's doing it for free too. Well, not free, a 'referral fee', so we pay when we get some real money with the intent to continue using his firm.

We want the company name to be 'Story', same as the app. Obviously Story isn't available. Next on the list is Story Board, but neither is that. So me and Paul fired some names at each other.

  • Story App - Having 'app' in the name makes Paul cringe.
  • Story Boys - A gay musical.
  • We Are Story - We are Shoreditch.
  • Story Store - It's the name of an old skate shop some friends ran which made me think of 'story' in the first place. It doesn't really fit for us though.
  • Back Story - Kinda makes sense.

Paul replies while ignoring all my suggestions:
  • story box
  • short story
  • long story
  • story tank

I fling some more over and re-ignore Paul's suggestions:
  • Good Story
  • Team Story
  • Story Team
  • Story Castle
  • Story Mob

Paul says he doesn't care. I phone up my friend Glenn who has no idea what an app is let alone that we're making one, "App? What? The Neverending Story?"

We settle with Team Story. Paul says we can change the name for £20 anyway.