Thursday, 6 September 2012

14 - Friends or followers?

Haven't heard from Filippo for a few days. Hope he's head-down and coding.

So, friends or followers? This is currently a biggie for me and Paul.

You friend someone, they accept, and you can see each others stuff. That's facebook; you have a two way relationship.

You follow someone, and you see their stuff but they don't see yours unless they follow you back. That's twitter; it allows for a one-way relationship.

The advantage of 'following' is that Ashton Kutcher can have his stuff seen by 10 million people and not deal with having 10 million friends. Seeing 10 million people's shit. That's good. That's what we want for Story.

But, we also want Story to be built on a real foundation of friendships. We want people to be friends with their real friends. Not just following a bunch of anonymous people.

We want the best of both worlds. If it could use both the friend and follow model it would be perfect. But it would have to be real simple. Like, not-needing-to-explain-how-it-works kinda simple. No one else has done that yet. No one's figured it out.

We think we have. I need to work it out a bit more. Draw a diagram.

This guy, Alex King, wrote something about it but didn't actually draw any conclusions. Good one!

Filippo better be coding.