Monday, 10 September 2012

15 - Anger

Me and Paul are angry.

Paul's been angry for a few days and I was like all chilled about it but today I'm feeling it. So now we're both angry.

Not at each other. We're angry because Filippo the coder can't do any more work until our company (Team Story) has been registered so he can send us a contract. So we're waiting on Lawyer Chris to sort the contract out. Which he's done but now we're waiting for it to be processed.

A couple of days of nothing happening I can deal with (Paul can't), but a couple of weeks and the anger descends.

Getting this thing going is like trying to get a... a plane to take off. The captain is in his seat, the engines are warmed up and ready, the luggage is loaded and everyone's boarded. Everyone except some gap year student, so you're announcing him, Chad, to get on board like, get on the fucking plane Chad, we're ready to fly, everyone's waiting for you Chad, and like, I dunno, he's stoned or something slapping his beaded wrist against an accoustic guitar on a beach not even checked in at the airport.

And I wish we could leave without Chad but we asked Filippo and there might be VAT issues that we need to follow up if we go ahead without a contract.