Thursday, 13 September 2012

17 - UI

I spent the night prepping the UI elements for Filippo. UI means 'user interface' which means the graphics.

Wanna see them? Okay!

Here's a bit of background texture:

What is that? Like expensive cartridge paper or something? A white treated leather? Nah it's pixels!

This is the nav bar on a transparent background (that's what the check represents, it's not part of the design):

Not sure if the nav bar can be transparent yet. I asked Filippo but he never replied.

Look at that one.

Have a bunch of these:

Wanna see my favourite though? Wanna see the magic? Look at this:

That is the transparent overlay that will turn any picture into a Story icon... Wanna see it in action? Okay, give me any random picture...

[Here you go Simon!]

Is that Ashton Kutcher? He'll do! Watch this:

And then the title would be overlaid: