Thursday, 30 August 2012

9 - The competition

"Giving people an easier way to communicate 
is the most powerful thing you could ever do..."

[pause for effect]

"... Story does that."


Me and Paul had a discussion (argument) about this blog. He thinks it's written like we're a couple of arseholes doing a thing.

The reality is, for the last five months, our days have been planning Story's every detail. With breaks of absolute excitement. Followed by fits of anxiety as it still feels so far away. 

We both want to use Story so bad. Everyone we show wants to use it. And we all want to use it in real different ways. That's what I love most. It's going to be such a rich and dynamic thing.

We haven't seen anything out there that does what we do. The ones kiiinda similar are complex. They're like overloaded swiss army knives made of candy. Story is a hammer. Its simplicity is obvious. We barely need sell for this thing (despite all this talk).

We're so proud of it. Not only are we creating something but we're creating something amazing and for everyone. It's a blinder.

Finally, this is Paul's iPhone. And this guy's worried about me.