Wednesday, 5 September 2012

13 - In the club

[10:08:38] Paul: You've founded a company?
[10:19:08] Mahir: Yeah. Its for a FourSquare game
[10:19:12] Mahir: based on 
[10:20:00] Mahir: http://.com/
[10:20:41] Paul: interesting
[10:21:13] Mahir: the app is still under development
[10:21:18] Mahir: so i don't have anything to show u
[10:21:22] Mahir: iOS and Android
[10:21:27] Mahir: and web
[10:22:26] Paul: wow cool. I currently shhhhh have this shhhhhh in development shhhhhhhh! 
[10:22:34] Paul: This is just the concept video but yeah will be alive in a month or so
[10:22:43] Mahir: nice
[10:22:51] Mahir: looks good
[10:23:18] *** Mahir sent app_ListView.jpg ***
[10:23:26] Mahir: sneek peek...
[10:24:08] Paul: nice UI.
[10:24:14] Mahir: exactly
[10:24:20] Mahir: thats just a concept
[10:24:24] Mahir: still working on designs
[10:24:53] Paul: How many founders?
[10:24:58] Mahir: 5
[10:25:06] Paul: funding?
[10:25:08] Mahir: web, server, ios, android and designer
[10:25:17] Mahir: we have secured a first investor
[10:25:27] Paul: cool
[10:25:40] Paul: angel fund or individual?
[10:27:08] Mahir: individual, but hoping to get more investors on board once we have a working prototype
[10:27:55] Paul: yeah so we are getting Story built to prove the concept then we'll do a 2nd round of serious funding
[10:28:16] Mahir: let me know if you are looking for investment
[10:28:29] Mahir: i know someone who has good contacts and can get the ball rolling
[10:28:35] Paul: Cool will do thanks. We have a guy on board now but yeah
[10:29:19] Mahir: cool
[10:29:47] Mahir: when is the story app coming out?
[10:30:18] Paul: will be done in a month i think. Stick your email address in on the site and you'll get an email
[10:30:32] Mahir: yep will do
[10:31:07] Paul: hmmm our site is a bit shit. Should sort that out :)
[10:31:47] Mahir: its pretty good for a product that hasn't launched yet
[10:31:50] Mahir: best to start basic
[10:42:54] Mahir: how many founders do you have?
[10:44:11] Paul: me and my designer friend. We took our mentor/investor on as a 3rd founder. He has decent contacts. 
[10:44:23] Mahir: cool
[10:44:42] Mahir: that's exactly how our investor is. mentor + money = win!
[10:46:24] Paul: I *think* our guy sits on a couple of boards of investors or some shit which could be handy. He knows Eric too which is less handy (worry)
[10:46:37] Mahir: haha
[10:46:48] Mahir: my investor knows eric too
[10:47:03] Mahir: coincidence?