Tuesday, 4 September 2012

12 - Marketing

World changing idea: check
Amazingly simple branding that reflects purity of idea: check
Developer developing the thing: check
Money to pay developer: check

But this is all still meaningless. It's still only an idea, just with more people and money involved. The only way this thing will work is if everyone digs it. It's no good getting a few thousand users. We need a million. Ten million. It's a do or die idea. There aren't any half measures.

Me and Paul meet in a pub to chat about marketing.

In four or five weeks we're gonna have the first version of Story live on the App Store. Our plan is to get a hundred-ish people using, get feed back (sign up here if you want to), then polish it before submitting a new version and then go hard telling everyone.

I know a few journalists so I should be able to kick up a noise. Although, the last time I mentioned it to a guy I know (editor of a prominent tech mag) he ignored my request for help in exchange for an exclusive cover story. I was wasted and wouldn't tell him the idea. Probably that.

Currently, I'm designing the images in Photoshop to give to Filippo to use in the app. I'm also mocking up a new version of becomeastory.com that'll focus on people signing up to get the first version of the app. Here's a real rough mock up I did. Real rough, okay. Just a kinda hey, Paul this is kinda what I mean, it's real rough but kinda this.