Friday, 24 August 2012

6 - Ashton Kutcher

Let's do a recap.

It's been four months since we had the idea. We have the whole thing mapped out and designed and a video with a really catchy song (Afternoon by Youth Lagoon).

But we don't have anything real, you know? No real product, just an idea. I felt kinda guilty about that as Paul didn't want to fuck around picking colours for four months, he wanted to get on with it.

At this point I go on holiday to America.

While I'm there, I decide it's time to find some investors. Piece of piss! Ashton Kutcher, I'm thinking. He loves investing in apps and this app is the shit. I know, if he just saw the video, we'd be partying in LA that night, him shoving money into my pockets and he'd also really love me.

Hmm, how to get in contact with Ashton Kutcher... I check his twitter and he has 12 million followers. Forget that. I keep thinking. There's always a way.

Then it hit me.

I know this guy whose job is booking magazine cover stories (A lot of my career has been working in magazines). This guy has booked every famous person for the last twenty years.

I facebook him saying I need Ashton Kutcher's contact details.

He sends me back Ashton Kutcher's manager's contact details. Wow. Always a way.

So I send this woman an email like... hang on... I'll dig it out.

Hi Stephanie, 
I'm making an app that Ashton Kutcher would be interested in.
Me and my business partner are after funding so we thought we'd start at the top. Kutcher invests in social apps. I know if he saw this he'd want a piece.  
The app is for sharing stories. It's insanely simple and it's crazy no one's thought of it yet. But they haven't. It might even change the entire publishing industry. It's called Story.  
Watch the video here, it has a really catchy song: 
This is the real deal.  
Hope you're well,

This is the real deal? Can't believe I wrote that. Whatever, there's always a way. 

Meanwhile, Paul, back in the UK, had coded the website and had set up a meeting with an old work colleague called Filippo who had started his own company making iOS apps. He also contacted an old boss who's really successful in the tech world and knows loads of tech people and really loves our idea. And has money.

We never heard back from Ashton Kutcher.