Monday, 27 August 2012

7 - Meet the coder

We met Filippo at a pub and showed him the video. Paul used to work with him making websites but when he saw the whole iOS thing coming he quit his job, learnt how to make apps and set up on his own. Paul says he's a good guy.

"So how much do you think an app like this will cost? Like, if you made it for us..."

Filippo thinks for a couple of minutes, "Maybe around 15 thousand." ($23,720)

This is a discounted price as he really wants to work on this thing. Like 40% cheaper than what he'd quote a regular client. Me and Paul go to the toilet. Whilst pissing, Paul says, "Soooo I don't have any money. You?"


"What are we gonna do?" as he does up his flies.

I'm still going. "Don't know." I say, "All I know is that we'll get the money. Bank loan... borrow it off people... whatever, this thing is getting built."

"It is." Paul exits. I finish up and feel really excited. Having a number slapped onto our idea brings it one step closer to becoming real.

A few days later Paul sends Filippo over the wireframe (basically a blueprint of the app, what all the buttons do etc.) Here's a couple of pages from that:

Filippo sends us a more specific cost sheet with the amount of hours each part of the app will take to build. It comes to 16K. Yeesh. We'd pay half at the start and the other half at the end.

8K each. Neither of us have ever had that much money. We tell him we'll get him the money.