Tuesday, 11 December 2012

45 - Crash

Paul texts me saying the publish story button doesn't work. I'm not sure what he means. Works for me. Whatever, I'm trying to make my first proper story. A recipe.

I have a dish I cook. It's a chicken and pancetta thing in a white wine sauce over pasta. Made it last night and finally perfected it. Added a sliced chilli. Sent the taste into orbit. I took photos along the way and had decided to make a story about it. 

So this is the first time I'm using the app properly, like using about 20 photos, resizing/cropping them, reordering them, adding captions, adding blocks of text too. Doing it all. After half an hour and about 15 photos into the 20, Story crashes. I re-open; all gone.

I had a numb feeling. I'm used to it. I get it all the time. Had Illustrator crash a bunch of times while designing the app. I just sit and stare.

"Everything okay?" girlfriend asks.

I hate saying to her, 'It crashed' and looking all pissed off. I sound like the nerd I am.

"Ahhh, nothing... just like, crashed or something..."
"Aww honey..."
"Nah it's cool. Just, you know..."
"You've been working on that for ages-"
"Yeah no, it's cool."

Fuck it, probably just random, things crash, it's fine. I'll start again.

Twenty minutes later. Crash.

"Babe? You okay?"
"THE FUCKING THING CRASHED. IT CRASHED ON ME. AGAIN." Feel my head getting hot. Eyes puffy. Angry. Staring at a screen. That's a nerd alright.

I silently text Paul. "Story crashed on me. Shit."

Paul replies, "Yeah. Doesn't work."