Tuesday, 30 October 2012

32 - Are we there yet?

Filippo codes the app. Paul codes the web backend that the app talks to. And I make it look nice.

Cars are always a good metaphor. So like, Paul builds the engine. Filippo builds all the bits that join up to the engine; steering wheel, dashboard, gearbox etc. And I cover it all up with a metal frame and leather seats.

The other day Paul emailed me a load of dialogue between him and Filippo and was excited. It seems that Paul's engine is finally turning on when Filippo flips the key.

By the end of this week we should be able to drive to the shops and back (publish stories for the first time)

Next week Filippo will be oiling the gears, pumping air into the tires and redoing the paintwork (fixing bugs and making whatever changes we'd like)

The week after that... Free Aston Martins for everyone! (You'll be able to get the app from your local dealer (the App Store))

Road trip!