Monday, 8 October 2012

27 - First glimpse

Paul turns and chucks me Filippo's phone, it has the app on it. A plain white app icon with 'Story' labelled underneath it.


I launch it... stories appear. Wow. I can scroll them up and down. I do that for a bit. I get a rush of excitement. This is our baby. It's great. It feels like more than an app. It feels like a real physical thing. I hit the 'following' tab and see new stories sweep onto the screen. Wow wow wow. That's all it does for now, but it's great and I beam.

We make a joke about having a launch party and doing so many drugs we die and go down as the biggest rock stars in the tech industry. It was funnier at the time.

Filippo deploys the app to mine and Paul's iPhones where he'll be updating it every couple of days or so with a newer version.

We go to the pub and send this video to Jamie the investor: