Thursday, 25 October 2012

30 - Itterrate, iterrate, iterate

I woke up and had this crazy rush of, I dunno, something. I really hate the design of the pop up windows in Story. They look fake. Look:

And it looked worse every time I stared at it. And then it reached breaking point and I had this rush of like, what the fuck am I doing? We have this perfect idea and an amazing opportunity to finally work for ourselves and on something important. It's so special, it'll kill me if it looks sloppy.

So I'm staring at this trying to figure out how to do it better:

It's fiddly. Makes you read too. This is the most important bit of the tool when you're creating a story but the bits where you touch are real long and thin:

That's not cool. So I did this:

Made the buttons big and square. Made the icons the thing your eye is drawn to and made the text small.

But then I'm thinking why is the button black? I'm kinda going for this whole pure white thing for the app and here's this big black thing. So here's a mock up of the (currently) final design for the pop up windows:


I'm trying to design this thing as if Jonathan Ive was doing the UI. Unobtrusive colours (other than the orange, the only colour will be your pictures and story covers), rounded corners but with sharp dividers that draw your eye.

Filippo is annoyed I changed the design, "I'll implement it today, the new pop-up very different from the old one, it will take a while to integrate. Please ... Please ... Please ... do not do it again... it takes ages to optimise. thanks :) " But you know, it wasn't me, it was the crazy rush.